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Amazon Tours - An exciting journey deep into the Amazon rainforest.

Take an Amazon tour with GreenTracks and experience new cultures, incredible wildlife and the magical scenery of the Amazon rainforest. Experience up close the lush smell of the rainforest, the beauty of the Amazon river, countless flowers and towering trees. On an Amazon tour you will marvel at the incredible frogs and iridescent butterflies of astounding colors. Thrill to the sight of pink dolphins playing in the rivers. Observe captivating monkeys playing in the treetops. This is the magnificence of an Amazon tour with GreenTracks - a leading ecotravel company.

Imagine yourself on an Amazon tour exploring the upper reaches of the exotic Amazon river, one of the world's greatest ecosystems on a colorful Amazon riverboat. Our Amazon cruise is one of the best means of exploring the rainforest. Spend your days hiking through the rainforest, exploring by small boat, viewing Amazon wildlife, fishing for piranha, relaxing in comfort on the upper deck, all while surrounded by sights and sounds most people have only imagined. Experience up close, the cry of colorful tropical birds, the lush smell of the rainforest, countless flowers, towering trees, pink dolphins playing alongside your boat, incredible reptiles and amphibians, iridescent butterflies, and captivating monkeys. This is the unforgettable magnificence of an Amazon riverboat expedition, an Amazon cruise or Amazon tour into the remote Amazon wilderness with GreenTracks. This is your best opportunity to experience the magic of an Amazon tours and cruises with a company that is known world-wide for it's intimate knowledge of this exotic land. You have our assurance that you will have an experience of a lifetime.

Amazon Tours, Amazon Cruises, adventure travel and eco-travel with GreenTracks.